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Hello Sapwp

Software As Product (Sap) and WordPress (wp) come together to provide WordPress tools for developers and businesses. Sapwp will have WordPress products only. Sap + WP ~ Sapwp!

Moving forward, Sap is an English word that means life-saving water. With Sap, humans keep growing and living a healthy life. With the digital Sap (we mean Sapwp), business owners can grow revenue to live a better life.

What’s The Motivation?

Our motivation is simple! We want to develop a WordPress plugin that helps developers and agency owners to provide better service.

We want the developer to develop different types of websites in a faster timeframe. We also want to make sure, any non-techy person can use the plugin too.

If you are a developer, agency owner, tech-savvy, or like-minded people, you are our friends. If you have a relationship with WordPress or plan to dive into WordPress then you are our friends. Let’s connect on social media and grow together.

✔️March 2024 Update: We are now changing our original focus. We will provide dedicated nich-based plugins, and themes and offer quick WordPress service. We already introduced the WordPress service marketplace. You can check the introductory blog here. Moreover, we also introduce custom WordPress services to help your business.

So, you will get dedicated small plugins all with LTD pricing, a marketplace to order quick WordPress service, trendy and functional themes, custom service, and so on. Sapwp is now one platform for all of your WordPress solutions.

How did We Get Started?

It’s a simple story. I have been working in the industry since 2016 a developed multiple successful tools on behalf of the company. It was a safe game for me to continue the job and keep working for the companies. However, I wanted to come out of my comfort zone. So, I decided to develop tools. It would be nice if the story ended here and I could have some successful ventures already. But it did not. The actual story started at the time when I started developing tools on my own.

I had to leave the job, learn so many new things, deal with stress, and so on. But, I keep my focus one the same place that I had on day one. I will develop products that will help millions of business people. During the start of Sapwp ( was our initial site), I also got an angel investment partner. And now, we are more focused on our work.

What are the Sapwp USPs

For the products that we have developed as well as we will be developed, all will be focused on the following unique selling points. They are not limited to, however, we will focus on them.

  • Business-Focused Solution: Our products are for helping others make money, growing businesses, develop sites for clients.
  • Heasle-free Service: (✔️March 2024 Update) You will be able to order your needs without talking to any of us. Just browse the marketplace and place the order. Then within the mentioned timeline, get the job done.
  • Easy and Clean Design: We will make sure to release features with a clean and super easy design.
  • Fast Support: Everyone hates waiting and we hate to keep waiting for our customers. So, we will always care about our support response. Moreover, our support response will be human, not a chatbot or robotic.
  • Quality Content: Content is one of the strong sides that we know. So, this site will become the source of quality WordPress content soon in the future.

What About Our Culture

We want to make sure, our employees are happy and they become the advocates of our users. Pretty simple but hard to do. We know, but we want to help people, and make money. Our tools will be business-focused, solutions will be easy to negotiate, and support will be humanistic. The full details with park and benefits will be live on the Sapwp career page soon in the near future.

What’s Coming on Sapwp

Are you excited to know, what’s coming at Sapwp? Well, we are working on WordPress and WooCommerce products. The initial 3 WooCommerce plugins are ready and we are preparing content for them.

(1) WordPress Plugins

We have a plan to develop multiple WordPress plugins focusing on Gutenberg. Starting from page builder, we have a plan for niche plugins like supper small business management plugins, restaurants, human resource management, hiring management, marketing, automation, and events management.

Note: We plan to work in most of the major niches as our aspect is very different from the existing entrepreneurs!

The starting will be delayed as we are now developing a WooCommerce plugin. We will work on small as well as big plugins and the development may start near the end of this year.

Even though we plan to work on Gutenberg, we will also provide support on the other popular page builders. So Elementor fans and others, no upset buddy!

✔️March 2024 Update: All the plugins will be niche-based with LTD pricing only. Pay once and use lifetime. Grow your business with us.

(2) WooCommerce Plugins

We have three WooCommerce extensions. Filter Plus for WooCommerce filtering-related features. Quicker is for quick checkout features and Discpuntify for discounts and coupon management options. We are extending the features according to their roadmap.

We are also researching the demanding WooCoomerce plugin. Maybe a couple of more WooCommerce add-ons will be released soon in the future.

✔️March 2024 Update: All the plugins will be niche-based with LTD pricing only. Pay once and use lifetime. Grow your business with us.

(3) Template Library

We have a plan for developing a few template libraries. But no expected timeframe for it. Maybe in next year but if it still has the demands on the business people. 

(4) WordPress Themes

We do not have any plans at this moment. Depending on our user’s demand, we may release a small number of themes. However, as part of the WordPress contribution, we have a plan for releasing free themes.

✔️March 2024 Update: We are actively working on WordPress themes at this moment. Sapwp will start releasing WordPress themes for the Envato marketplace. And also, we will have a theme at Sapwp soon in the future.

(5) WordPress Development Service

We think WordPress development service is a big area. However, we want to focus on tools only. So, we will make partners with development companies (or maybe we will do it 😎).

✔️March 2024 Update: We are focusing on all the quick solutions for our customers. Introduced WordPress service marketplace and customer WordPress development service options. However, we are still focusing on small services to make it easy for our customers. We are also collaborating with other WordPress development agencies for our large-scale clients.

(6) WordPress Content

We will regularly publish WordPress-related content. Our focus will be quality and reflecting experience gained over the past 5+ years. Starting from a generic review blog, we will include tutorials, analyses, tips, and hacks. Check the Sapwp blog for the latest update.

So, What to Do?

Hope you already get the vibe of us. We have strong motives, confidence, and the necessary experience to help you in your next business. Now, what can you do to connect us?

Collaborate with us

We want to grow together. So, we are open for most of the collaboration like guest posts, enlistment in the listing blog, video reviews, and other partner collaboration. We want to give more while we will ask the minimum in return so that we can grow too.

Drop us an email by telling us your details. Our team will be back within a couple of hours (we try to reply to all the emails and support tickets within 12 hours of receiving them).

Become the investors

We are looking for investors! It’s not only money we are looking for, you can invest your networks, creativity, and marketing knowledge in us. We have a well-organized affiliate program. Join us today and make money with us. 

Subscribe to us

You can add your email to our subscription form. Please make sure, you give them the most used email. Because all exciting matters are on the way, we will give updates through email. But at the same time, we promise, that no spamming and unnecessary emails will be given.

Provide us feedback

“Effectively, change is almost impossible without industry-wide collaboration, cooperation, and consensus.” we believe in improving with feedback and discussion. So, we are open to updating content, getting feedback from you, and discussing if we can help you in any way too.

Sapwp Common Questions with Answers

After reading the Sapwp introductory blog, maybe you have some quick questions. So, in this section, we will go through some potential FAQs and direct answers for them.

Are we hiring?

Yes! We are hiring for multiple positions. Check the Sapwp career page. In case, if you do not see any relevant openings, email us. We are always eager to hire talented people for the team.

Are We Threading for Similar Product Sites?

Not at all. We believe in collaboration and growing together! So came and join us. It’s not competition, it’s about helping business owners.

Final Words and Welcome

We will grow with the positivity of WordPress people. No one is our competitor and neither are we someone’s competitors. Share the love among all. The Sapwp team will always be the house of good people.

Thank You and Love
Sapwp Founder and Investors

  • Initial Publish: January 29, 2024
  • 1st Update: 17th March 2024