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Our Hiring Process: Building Remote Team with Better Transparency

Sapwp hiring

Sapwp is a new but visionary software company that solves business problems. We come up with some unique ideas that users love. We have a marketplace, LTD tools, themes, and custom services. Together with all of them, we are growing fast. Often we need to hire. We believe you are reading this because you are a candidate for some positions or future positions. Or, maybe you like us and want to know our culture.

Let’s handshake! We are going to talk about our hiring process in this blog so that you can prepare the best of it.

Important: Over the blog, some of the statements may seem rude. But to make it transparent and honest, we said in the given ways. We never want someone to hurt after joining our professional team.

We Start with the Public Job Circular

Sapwp career and hiring

Once the management team decides to onboard new team members, we start with the job circular. This is the same as other companies. However, we want many candidates to inform that we are looking for them. So, in every possible place you might be, we share job circulars there. Oh, our career page is under development. So, there is no update on the Sapwp career page at this moment!

It goes to multiple platforms like the popular Facebook community, the LinkedIn community, and our social channels. We also post on the career portal which is our partner’s platform. We listed the job on the popular job sites. We have not started making job-related videos yet. But we have a plan for it! So, the video, and paid ads are on the way.

We also have a plan for internal referrals. It is under development. Soon, existing employees will be notified of the details. However, the referee candidate will have to go through a similar process. May be one or two steps less than of other general candidates.

Application Initial Screening

Every job post contains a deadline for the application. Once we publish it, we expect the candidate to apply with an updated resume and a better cover letter. These two are the very first ways to get connected with us. We start checking the application first come first serve basis. However, we count till the last application during the final deadline.

What do We Consider

Once we have the resume and cover letter, our hiring team including top management start checking them. Starting with the portfolio, we move to the related job experience, work experience, and educational background.

Note: We are checking it manually and we have no plan to automate it at this moment.

Portfolio: We start scanning any CV/Resume with a portfolio and related work. As we focused on top-level service, so we also want to hire experienced candidates. The related portfolio is one of the main factors in getting primarily selected here at Sapwp. If you are a candidate, make sure, you have at least 2 related work portfolios. And we should have access to the portfolio.

Related Experience: After the portfolio, we check related work experience. Our expectation in the experience section is a little different. We consider all kinds of work experience if that’s related to the applied positions. It can be your earlier job experience, self-liked projects, internships, startups, and so on.

  • We expect bachelor’s degree holders to have some experience. If someone spends half of the semester break, then they should have at least 2-3 related project experiences. If you complete a degree without experience, we simply reject your application.

Education Background: We consider our educational background strongly. If you come from better institutions, you will have higher chances to move on to the next round. We believe that a person who completes his degree from a top 400 institution vs someone who completes their degree from a generic university is different.

  • Most of the company consider educational institutions in this way. However, they again fake claim, that they won’t care about educational backgrounds and degrees. We are the few companies that share this publicly.
  • The degree is not the only factor we consider. So, only institutions will not bring you next round or let you go.

Other Factors: The rest of the factors we care hardly for the next round. But if your CV/Resume is too old, backdated, noisy, or hard to read, we may reject you.

Assignment Stage

Once the candidate gets shortlisted, they will get a temporary serial number. This means we are considering them for this round as well as future rounds. We will keep taking notes such as their response, manners, assignment submission, etc.

For the assignment, we don’t want the perfect work done! So, what we want?

First of all, candidates need to submit the assignment within the deadline. Or, if they need extra time, they need to ask Sapwp HR before the deadline. Missing the deadline or not submitting the assignment will lead them to go. They will no longer be considered for the next round of interviews.

We start checking the work once we get the assignment within the deadline. If the work is fantastic, we move them to the next round. If the work is average but the candidate has a strong portfolio, we also move them to the next round. If the work is average, we check the other factors as we did in the initial screening.

If someone submits the assignment, we try our best to move them to the next round. If we can’t force them into the next round, we inform you through email about the improvement area so that the candidate knows the lacking and prepares for the next try at Sapwp.

In the next round of interviews, we have direct talking!

Video Interview

Now, we are more interested in on-board the candidate. But we also know that employee and employer matching is really important after the relevant skills. As we are already happy with our skills, now it’s time to check the matching between us.

In this step, we will ask for a schedule. During the interview, we will share our views, plans, and expectations. We will also check some critical technical skills. The candidate will have an ample amount of options to ask us questions. For each answer, we will add numbers/points. After the interview, we will have our assessment.

This would take 15 minutes to 2-hour-long meeting. Depending on the positions, candidate response, and our decision-making, we take the time. And we usually ask some unwanted yet professional questions to check how the candidate responds.

Final Selection

After the video interview, we normally take two to four weeks before making our final selection. During this span, we do the background check, compare each other candidates, and check resumes again if needed. In this stage background check plays a vital role and in some cases, we may ask for another interview with the expected candidate.

We are aware that, some of the local company does not provide good refernce for the ex employees.

If we get bad reputations from the employees, we try to determine the level of objection. And we also check our cultural match-up. In very rare cases, we asked employees to talk again with us for further clarification. And if we see, that the former company has some issues, we even do not ask them for feedback.

  • We are building people’s first professional company. We have no clashing or competition with other companies.
  • Our full hiring process takes 2 to 12 weeks from circular to onboarding.

Is this the perfect hiring process?

We believe that we have built a solid hiring process already. We are transparent. And our process is better in many aspects. And the best part is we are ready to update the process in need. We are not the best yet but we are continuously thinking to make our hiring process the best.

Exclusive at Sapwp Hiring

At Sapwp hiring, we keep some exclusive things for the candidate. Like, we inform the candidate of the latest status, let them know what we expect on future applications, etc.

  • Rejection with Reason: From the assignment submission to on-words, if we reject any candidate, we inform the candidate formally. If there’s any lacking, we mention it in the rejection email so that they can improve it for future tries. If we reject someone before assignment submission, we normally do not inform the candidate. Because till assignment submission, they are not investing dedicated time for Sapwp.
  • 2nd Time Application: If we reject someone and inform them, we mention the next attempt timeline. Normally it takes 6 months to 1 year for skilled-based rejection. For cultural rejection, we asked candidates to apply after 3-6 months. We believe, that within this timeline, candidates can improve the issue that led them rejected on the first attempt.
  • Online-Based Interview: The whole interview process is online. So, none of them need to spend hours in the street, face the traffic jam, and spend thousands of bucks for the interview. We also keep the interview schedule flexible.
  • Centralized Process: All of the applicant’s non-sensitive data is managed centrally. So, we can keep track of the potential candidate too. This is also important that, if a candidate won’t submit the assignment, rejected for other behavioral reasons, we won’t call them within the next 12 months.
  • Salary Balance: If we hire any junior with a higher salary, then we also adjust the salary of the seniors on the team. It’s not equal, it’s justified is our motto.

What Next

In this stage, we make 3 categories of the candidate list. Our best choice candidate is first in the category. We offer them immediate employment with the details of our policy, terms and conditions, etc. Next, we keep qualified candidates but we can’t take them at that moment due to limited open positions. We keep this resume in our talent database for future reference. And last category is rejected due to various reasons.

After we get the initial positive response of candidate confirmation, we start preparing the formal documents for the candidate. The formal documents contain a list of separate documents. We expect our candidates to check them and sign before they join us.

Official On-boarding is the next step for any candidate. We have a smooth on-boarding system. They will join us, and start exploring the positions they hold.

What’s Our Releasing Policy

As a professional team, we believe, anyone can leave us too. We respect the choice of each member and we believe, that if someone moves from us, either they will get a better opportunity or we become worse. We make our release policy super simple. Team members need to inform us two months prior they leaving. Or they will have a basic fine if they leave immediately. More details will disclosed to the selected team members.

Future Plan On-site Career

Sapwp has a plan to establish its own HQ! At this time, we haven’t made any strategic plan for on-site hiring. In the time, we will move to the on-site HQ, none of the existing team members will be forced to join the physical office. They will have the full flexibility to carry the remote positions.

What We Expect

We treat our employees as professional team members. So, professional behavior, and maintaining terms and condition is expected. Our release policy is super simple. This might seem rude but we won’t consider team members as family members (aka fake family members). It’s a professional place where you will get paid for your contribution. We have terms and conditions that will be applied under different circumstances.

Thank You
First Publish – 15/04/2024