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9+ Best WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugin 2024

WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugin, Sapwp

To start a digital restaurant, you can start with the WordPress restaurant menu plugin. It allows users to add a food menu to the site without managing many technical issues. In this blog, we will talk about all the best WordPress restaurant menu plugins, their features, pricing, and our recommendations. Let’s get started.

How to Select WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugin

To select the best WordPress food menu plugin, you have to carefully check some major features and services. Features will help you make the menu better while service will help you growing business. If you want to develop a full-featured restaurant management plugin then you need to select a management-related plugin. Otherwise, you can check the following features for selecting the best Food menu plugin in WordPress.

  • Food Menu Template: The plugin should have multiple food menu templates. Ready to import and use. It will help you set up the food menu easily. Just import and update content.
  • Discount Options on Food Menu: Discount options are one of the popular and important marketing techniques for any restaurant. So, digital food menus should have discount options.
  • Live Order Notification: Customers hate waiting. Live order notifications can give you real-time updates and save you from unexpected delays.
  • Product Addon: The product addons option is wining features for both customers and owners. With the addon, customer has more flexibility to add extra items while extra items bring more money to the restaurant owner’s pocket.
  • Menu Of The Day: A special menu/items can be highlighted with these features to influence visitors to purchase them.
  • Tip Option: Happy customers provide tips. And it can be extra money from a restaurant owner’s perspective. So, the plugin should have tip options.
  • Location-Based Menu: If a restaurant has multiple branches, then it is expected to have different menus in different locations. In that case, a location-based food menu is a necessary feature.
  • QR Code Food Menu: Modern restaurant is expected to have a QR Code for the menu. It helps make the processes easier and smoother. Customers can just scan and place the order.

The above features are the most demanding features for any restaurant. However, depending on your restaurant project, you may think of other necessary features. Specially, local restaurants may need some off-line management features. Now let’s explore all the best WordPress restaurant menu plugins one by one.

Restaurant Menu By GloriaFood

Restaurant Menu By GloriaFood, wordpress restaurant menu plugin, Sapwp

Restaurant Menu By GloriaFood is a popular restaurant menu plugin. It’s now pouring up 10,000+ websites and they are backed by Oracle. They have used a simple and friendly interface where you get a restaurant menu, online food ordering, and a restaurant booking system. Among the restaurant niches, this plugin has the highest number of active users on the WordPress directory.

Notable Features of Restaurant Menu By GloriaFood

  • Visual, drag & drop online menu editor
  • Support for uploading own images
  • A generous collection of food images available to use
  • Customizable food menu item sizes, choices, and add-ons
  • Suitable for any type of cuisine
  • With support for promotions
  • Responsive design

The plugin also has booking and ordering-related features. You can check more details on the They have free food managing options but to get access mobile app, payment processing, and similar services, you will need to pay.

Restaurant Menu By Five Star Plugins

Restaurant Menu By Five Star Plugins, Sapwp

The Restaurant Menu By Five Star plugin is another popular and established food menu plugin. They are now serving 7k+ websites for managing restaurant business. You can create a stylish, responsive restaurant menu and add it to your site in minutes. With the easy-to-use builder and the included layout and customization options, you’ll have it set up in no time.

Notable Features of Restaurant Menu By Five Star Plugins

  • Unlimited restaurant menus and menu items.
  • Responsive layout that looks great on all devices.
  • Add your restaurant menu to any page
  • Add a menu directly to any of your restaurant sites
  • Add unique photos and prices to each food or drink menu item
  • Optional sidebar to display your sections, for quick navigation
  • Full restaurant menu schema structured data is automatically integrated
  • Create a QR code that you can use in a restaurant

Restaurant Menu Pro pricing starts at $67/site/year

WPCafe by ThemeWinter

WPCafe by ThemeWinter, Sapwp

WPCafe is a simple restaurant Menu, Online Ordering for WooCommerce, Pickup and delivery system to create Elementor advanced food menu, Restaurant reservation and Table reservation. It’s a full-fledged solution for your restaurant. Be it an online or offline restaurant/cafe, you can manage any food-ordering business with WPCafe.

Notable Features of WPCafe by ThemeWinter

  • 33+ Food Menu Template
  • Food Ordering Pickup/Delivery Schedule
  • Discount Options on Food Menu
  • Customizable Mini Cart and Quantity Picker
  • Live Order Notification with Sound and Tag
  • Multiple Product Addon
  • Menu Of The Day
  • Location-Based Food Menu
  • Both Percentage and Flat Tip Options
  • Food With Reservation
  • Dynamic Email Notification
  • Food Ordering with QR Code

WPCafe Pro pricing starts at $69/site/year

Restaurant Menu by MotoPress

Restaurant Menu by MotoPress, Sapwp

Restaurant Menu by MotoPress is another old but well-known restaurant menu plugin. It is now helping 4k+ food businesses around the globe. It’s a full-fledged WordPress food ordering system that can be smoothly integrated with your restaurant or cafe website.

Notable Features of Restaurant Menu by MotoPress

  • Responsive online order WordPress designs
  • Complete menu item presentation
  • Categorically-organized lists
  • Grid and list layouts
  • The category and single menu item page
  • Specific menu items highlight
  • Individual menu items are displayed
  • Currency Settings
  • Taxes and tax rates

The price of the restaurant menu by MotoPress is FREE. However, it has several add-ons that will require a price to use them.

Food Menu by RadiusTheme

Food Menu by RadiusTheme, sapwp

Food Menu by RadiusTheme is another simple but effective WordPress restaurant menu plugin. You can use the plugin for both digital menu and online order management. The plugin has a wide range of customization facilities that allow users to add modern menus easily to the store.

Notable Features of Food Menu by RadiusTheme

  • Even & Masonry Grid
  • Nutrition & Review Control
  • Shortcode Generator Control
  • Category Filter
  • Drag and Drop Ingredient
  • Single Item Popup
  • Currency Settings
  • Multiple Pagination
  • Drag and Drop Nutrition
  • Gallery Images
  • Drag & Drop Ordering

Food Menu by RadiusTheme Pro pricing starts at $26/year/site

Food Store By WP Scripts

Food Store By WP Scripts, Sapwp

Food Store was created by extending the core functionalities of WordPress and WooCommerce, which makes it very minimal, cluttered, and very familiar to use. All your WooCommerce Categories, Settings. Food Store gives you the option to convert your restaurant into an instant food ordering hub. You can open it for customers to show your available menu online and let them pick it up at a suitable time they prefer.

Notable Features of Food Store By WP Scripts

  • Food Store – Essentials
  • Store & Service Hours
  • WhatsApp Cart
  • Time-Based Menu
  • Food Store Tips
  • Delivery Rates By ZipCode And Location

The price of Food Store By WP Scripts depends on the add-ons you want.

WPPizza By ollybach

WPPizza By ollybach, Sapwp

WPPizza By ollybach is one of the oldest WordPress restaurant menu plugins. Yet it has a small number of active users. The plugin comes in the market at the start of food category plugins. WPPizza has been developed to manage the pizza business mostly, however, you can use it as another food menu plugin.

Notable Features of WPPizza by Ollybach

  • Conceived for Pizza Delivery Businesses
  • Maintain your restaurant menu
  • Accept cash on delivery orders
  • Set categories, multiple prices per item
  • Several layouts inbuilt
  • New order notifications
  • Opening/Closing times per day
  • Allow tips/gratuities
  • Simple discounts
  • Multiple tax rates
  • Order reports
  • Multilingual Frontend
  • Multisite enabled
  • Keeps track of your online orders

The price of WPPizza starts at €199/year/site

Restaurant Food Menu by WP Darko

Restaurant Food Menu by WP Darko, Sapwp

With this plugin, you can quickly set up and display a restaurant menu on your website. It will be fully responsive and easy to use. Create food items, add them to your restaurant menu, and copy-paste the shortcode into any posts/pages. The plugin is ideal for a very simple food menu.

Food Online for WooCommerce By

Food Online for WooCommerce By, Sapwp

Food Online for WooCommerce is a food menu plugin for WooCommerce. Simple to use. Looks smooth on desktop and mobile. Insert the Menu with a shortcode on any page or override the shop page if you like. Choose between a one- or two-column menu layout and customize the menu with colors, icons, and borders. With product attributes, you can offer your dishes with varieties of sizes, proteins, etc.

The premium version of Food Online for WooCommerce starts at $49/year/sites

Divi Restro Menu by DIVI

Divi Restro Menu by DIVI, SAPWP

For the Divi users, Divi Restro Menu by DIVI is a good restaurant food menu plugin. The plugin comes with most of the basic features to add a menu. It also has layouts and pagination features. You can purchase it from the Divi marketplace.

Notable Features of Divi Restro Menu by DIVI

  • Menu Layout 1, 2
  • Custom Post Type
  • Category Filter
  • Ajax and numbered pagination
  • Multiple price options
  • Multiple Columns
  • Easily Specify Price if Any Currency
  • Show Ingredients and Description
  • Show Full and Short Descriptions of Food Items
  • Add Thumbnails of Food Items

The price of Divi Restro Menu by DIVI starts at $39/year/site

Recommended Restaurant Menu Plugin for WordPress

There are several food menu plugins above. To help you more on selecting a better Restaurant menu, here is our recommendation with an explanation.

  • WPCafe WPCafe is our number one recommendation because this plugin brings 3 modules together. You can set up the food menu, manage ordering, and also you can manage the seating arrangement. Moreover, the plugin has many extra features. The price also seems very affordable compared to the features.
  • Food Menu – For the simple digital restaurant menu, we also recommend a food menu plugin. The plugin also has extra management options that allow you to manage small-scale restaurants.
  • Divi Restro Menu – If you are a DIVI user, then the Divi Restro menu is one of the better options for developing a restaurant menu in WordPress Divi sites.

Final Words on Restaurant Menu Plugin

At the right time, people love to purchase everything online including food items. A better food menu on the website can grow the customer base as well as the brand reputation. Thus, almost all restaurants have an online food menu. The best part is, that creating a food menu is now easier than ever. Just check the above list, select any plugin, and publish your food menu. That’s it, pretty simple.

We hope you have enjoyed this blog. Check other Sapwp’s blogs and tutorials. Share the blog on your favorite social media. Let us know, which plugin you will give it a try in the comment box. Cheers