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7+ Best WooCommerce Filtering Plugin Free 2024

WooCommerce Filtering Plugin, Sapwp

It’s very common to have thousands of products on any WooCommerce site. And to keep customers aside from challenges, the WooCommerce filtering plugin can help a lot. It will also give a better user experience to any customers while they search for their products. In this article, we will talk about all the top WooCommerce filter plugins. Let’s get started.

What is a Filtering Plugin for WooCommerce?

WooCommerce filtering plugin is a plugin that allows website owners to add filtering functionality. The filtering functionality can be different like searching, and sorting based on different conditions. Moreover, the filtering features also have a relationship with SEO. Filter options help users get the right products within a very short time of searching.

An ideal filter plugin should also allow the store admin to promote specific products in front of potential users. Filter by price range, filter by ratings, and filter by user type are the most common features. There are also advanced features based on conditions. The modern filter plugin allows nested conditional sorting on the store.

Filter Plus WooCommerce Filtering

Filter Plus WooCommerce Filtering, Sapwp

Filter Plus is the newest WooCommerce filter plugin made by Sapwp. The plugin comes with advanced features, a clear design, and an easy setup. The free version is available in the WordPress directory while Filter Plus Pro is extremely affordable. The best part of this plugin is, it has both WordPress and WooCommerce filter options. You can explore the Filter Plus demo for more details.

Notable Features of Filter Plus

  • Filter By Price Range Like Minimum Xx And Maximum Yy
  • Filter By Ratings Like 4 Start Or Above
  • Filter By Attributes, tags, color, categories
  • Reset The Filter Button To Clear All The Filters
  • Filter By Size Like M, S, X, Xl
  • Filter Anything For WordPress Page And Post
  • Woocomerce Filter Elementor Widget
  • Woocomerce Filter Gutenberg Block
  • Wpml Compatible
  • RTL Support

Filter Plus Pro price starts at only $19/year/site.

Advanced AJAX Product Filters

Advanced AJAX Product Filters, Sapwp

WooCommerce AJAX Product Filters is one of the popular filter plugins. The plugin has 60k+ active users at this time. It’s an advanced product filtering plugin for your WooCommerce shop. You can add unlimited filters with one widget. It’s an ideal solution to enhance your customers’ shopping experience and boost conversions effortlessly.

Notable Feature of Advanced AJAX Product Filters

  • AJAX Filters, Pagination and Sorting!
  • Filter by Price, Product Category
  • Filter by Attribute
  • Multiple User Interface Elements
  • Great support for custom/premium themes
  • SEO Friendly URLs ( with HTML5 PushState)
  • Filter by Custom Taxonomy, Price ranges
  • Filter by Sale status, Sub-categories, Date
  • Search box widget

Advanced AJAX Product Filters Pro price starts at $44/year/site.

YITH WooCommerce AJAX Product Filter

YITH WooCommerce AJAX Product Filter, Sapwp

YITH WooCommerce AJAX Product Filter is another WooCommerce product filter plugin. You can add filter features like products by categories, tags, taxonomy, and all kinds of attributes like sizes, colors, materials, and brands with this plugin. The plugin is now powering nearly 100k users around the globe.

Notable features of YITH WooCommerce AJAX Product Filter

  • Show the options using color swatches
  • Color swatches with image support
  • Show the options using radio buttons
  • Show the options using labels
  • Show or hide the count of items
  • Terms not available will be hidden
  • Filter by product category
  • Filter products by tag
  • Filter any product attribute
  • Filter for price ranges
  • Choose to show the reset button

YITH WooCommerce AJAX Product Filter Pro price starts at $90/year/site.

WooCommerce Product Filters

WooCommerce Product Filters, Sapwp

The plugin allows the users to create Ajax product filters. It makes the process of finding products in your store simple and fast. If you are looking for dedicated premium products verified by Woo itself, then you can choose the WooCommerce product filters plugin.

Notable Features of WooCommerce Product Filters

  • Quick filtering of products using AJAX technology
  • Filter by categories, attributes, tags, taxonomies, price, stock status
  • Paginate and sort without reloading the page
  • Elements: price slider, checkbox list, radio list, dropdown, color list
  • Widgets “Products Filter” and “Notes for Product Filters”
  • Shortcodes and integration with product shortcodes
  • Adaptive filter options and product counts

WooCommerce Product Filters Pro price starts at $79/year/site.

Product Filter for WooCommerce

Product Filter for WooCommerce, sapwp

HUSKY – Products Filter Professional for WooCommerce is an advanced and versatile filter plugin that enhances the functionality of the WooCommerce plugin. It empowers your website visitors to easily search and filter WooCommerce products based on categories, attributes, tags, taxonomies, meta fields, and product prices. With its powerful and user-friendly features, HUSKY provides a seamless filtering experience to help customers find the desired products efficiently.

Notable Features of Product Filter for WooCommerce

  • Filter from Front Builder
  • Products searched by AJAX
  • Dynamic products recount
  • Filter WooCcommerce products by Meta Data
  • Search products by SKU
  • Search products by Price
  • Filter by ACF fields Possible ACF types
  • Statistic and Quick Search
  • Saver of Search query

Product Filter for WooCommerce Pro price starts at $42/year/site.

Product Filter by WBW

WooCommerce Product Filter, sapwp

The WooCommerce Product Filter plugin allows customers to filter their products/items by price, categories, tags, taxonomy, and attributes. Each filter criteria is customizable, giving you maximum control. The plugin also has Elementor compatibility. Currently, it is powering up 40k+ websites.

Notable Features of Product Filter by WBW

  • Filters by any criteria
  • AJAX live search
  • Price filter design
  • Statistics and Live preview
  • Variety of options for sorting products
  • Create new product filters in a few clicks
  • Automatic price range settings with fixed step values
  • Show Count and Recount products by the selected filter

Product Filter by WBW Pro price starts at $89/year/site.

Filter Everything

Filter Everything, Best WooCommerce Filtering Plugin, Sapwp

Filter Everything is another filtering plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce. It filters any post types and by any criteria. Allows you to sort results and search by key phrase. Compatible with page builders. The plugin has both WordPress and WooCommerce filtering options. If you are looking for a filter plugin for both posts, pages, and products then you can give a try of this plugin.

Notable Features of Filter Everything

  • Filters any post types
  • Supports search by keyword
  • Allows you to sort filtered results by any criteria
  • Supports color swatches and brand logos
  • Vertical and Horizontal layouts, columns
  • Works in both “Submit button” and “Auto-submission” modes
  • Ready to use on mobile devices
  • Compatible with translation plugins WPML, Polylang

Filter Everything Pro price starts at $40/year/site.

Themify WooCommerce Product Filter

Themify WooCommerce Product Filter, sapwp

Themify WooCommerce Product Filter allows shoppers to filter through products by price range, categories, attributes, tags, and much more. Users can do live search results where products will instantly be displayed on the page. The plugin also allows multiple selections which help shoppers to refine the product search results. Even though the plugin has poor ratings, the number of users is still high. So, we have included the plugin here in this list.

Themify WooCommerce Product Filter Notable Features

  • Live search results
  • Drag and drop form builder
  • Multiple filter combinations
  • Vertical or horizontal layout
  • Works with Divi, Elementor
  • Themify Builder product module

WooCommerce Product Filter


WooCommerce product filter is a plugin made by barn2. If you are looking clean and light-filtering plugin then you can give it a try. However, the plugin is premium so you will need to spend money while you will start using the plugin.

Notable Features of WooCommerce Product Filter

  • Advanced product filters
  • Filter by anything

WooCommerce Product Filter Pro pricing starts at $79/year/site

Recommended Filter Plugin for WooCommerce

Filtering options help shoppers sort and filter products and choose the best among them. Like Woo site, there are multiple filtering plugins. So, you might be confusion which one should you go for. To help you more, here’s our recommended WooComerce filter plugin.

  • Filter Plus WooCommerce Filtering – The most affordable filtering plugin with huge features. It has both WooCommerce and WordPress filtering options. Filter Plus free version is available in the WordPress directory. Moreover, the Sapwp team is aware of regular updates of this plugin.
  • WooCommerce Product Filters – This filtering plugin is made by Barn2 plugins with an innovative design. If you are a newbie and are okay with spending some extra, then it might be your choice.
  • Filter Everything – This is our last recommendation and it also has both WooCommerce and WordPress filtering features. This plugin also has a huge number of users so you can trust the quality of it.

WooCommerce Filtering Plugin Conclusion

Selecting the best filtering plugin depends on your budget, plan, website nature, and so on. However, we tried to add all the necessary details of each plugin. We also added our own recommendation in this blog. We hope it will help you to know about all the top plugins. That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed the blog. If you have a WooCommerce site, then add a filtering option today. And let us know, how much this filtering improves your sales and conversion.